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How to Install FSLogix Apps 

I'm happy to introduce our first stand-alone how-to e-book on FSLogix Apps. As with all the e-books found on this site, everything is 100% step-by-step, soup to nuts! We will walk you from the start to the finish! All you need to do is follow along and have fun learning!

A New Approach to Per User Application Management

The FSLogix premise is simple: existing methodologies for delivering and deploying Windows® applications are based upon outmoded ideas and outdated technology.  They believe there remains a need for a product that makes it simple for each user to have their Windows applications individually tailored for their device. When a user logs on they should see only the applications that they are licensed to use regardless of whether they are using cloud desktops, virtual desktops or traditional desktops.

FSLogix introduces a new way to control application availability by user.  The administrator defines application policies and which users should have access to those applications.  Once the policies are in place, applications that are on the system will only be available to the appropriate users.  To the users that are not supposed to have access, all traces of the application disappear.  Application files, application registry settings, uninstall information, file associations, run entries, etc., all simply disappear for the user.  They are not simply “hidden”.  It’s as if the application has been uninstalled.  The per-user visibility always applies on any kind of system, for example: concurrent multi-user systems, serial multi-user systems, and single user systems.

The How To: FSLogix Apps e-book will teach you:

  • How to Install FSLogix Apps
  • FSLogix Apps Prerequisites & Requirements
  • How to Install the FSLogix Apps Agent
  • How to Create FSLogix Apps Rules
  • How to Install FSLogix Apps RuleEditor
  • How to Create a New Rule Set
  • How to Test a Rule Set
  • How to Add New Rule to Rule Set
  • How to Create Rule Set Assignments
  • How to Hide Printers Based on Location
  • Application Visibility Report
  • Deploy FSLogix Apps Rules

Important! This is the stand-alone version. It does not include anything on Citrix DesktopPlayer, XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer or Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V. Use this version if you are not deploying virtual machines served up by the Citrix Synchronizer.

If you are managing Citrix XenClient Enterprise Synchronizer virtual machines, please download the How To: Citrix BYOD Project Volume 1 E-Book. A project specific version is located in the downloaded zip file.

Download NOW!

Download NOW!
Citrix DesktopPlayer and Citrix Synchronizer - How to Install & Configure